The POLY TRAY L tray is the ideal solution for those seeking an accessory that offers versatility and practicality in their kitchen.
This multifunctional polypropylene tray is designed to be used as a cutlery drainer, vegetable container, sponge holder, or aesthetic cover, fitting perfectly both in the sink and on the kitchen countertop.

Its compatibility extends to sinks from the Evhoc Unicum inset and undermount collections, as well as sinks from other brands of the same dimensions, offering flexibility of use that adapts to your specific needs.



With dimensions of 41.8x13.8x8.4 cm, the POLY TRAY L provides ample and versatile space to organize utensils, cutlery, or fresh ingredients during your kitchen activities.

Made of polypropylene, this tray combines excellent durability with lightweight construction that makes it easy to handle. Its smooth surface not only facilitates cleaning but also its resistance to chemical agents makes it a reliable choice for your culinary environment.

Furthermore, polypropylene is known for its moisture resistance, ensuring that the POLY TRAY L tray maintains its integrity over time.


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